Samstag, 18. Dezember 2021

The underlying logic

"Either we are dealing with a form of collective insanity that has dethroned logic, or we are dealing with a mixture of collective insanity and an underlying but invisible logic."

kla.tv_211107: Criminologist confirms fake vaccination for the elites

Precisely formulated we have to do with a mixture of collective madness and a logic underlying it but invisible to religious people, whereby a religious person is defined by the fact that he*she*something does not know what original sin is, regardless of "belief" or "unbelief". A man risen from the spiritual death of the interest money religion knows that the end time for all religious people began when the atomic deterrence made the third world war - for the comprehensive real capital destruction to raise the capital interest and to bring with it the interest money again into circulation - as father of all further things impossible. Since then the becoming evident of the global liquidity trap (Armageddon) is delayed by ever more excessive Keynesianism (an energy turnaround into nothing, "justified" by a climate religion, as well as an asylum policy with whatever "justification"); and when Keynesianism was exhausted, a Corona religion emerged to "justify" a global lockdown, which, acting as a deflation emergency brake, interrupted the steepest stock market crash ever in March 2020 and still allowed the biggest speculation bubble of all times to emerge, which will soon burst all the faster and then completely. Because if the civilizing middle age of the interest money economy would have perished earlier and thus more slowly, more than 90% of the world population would have already starved and the smaller becoming remainder would fight itself at present by a "Mad Max" scenario, which does not stop the relapse into the stone age any longer:

(Einheitsübersetzung 1980 / Mark 13:19-20) For those days will bring a distress such as there has never been since God created the world, and such as there will never be again. And if the Lord did not shorten this time, no man would be saved; but for the sake of His elect He has shortened this time.

With the bull trap installed in the liquidity trap, the necessary shortening of time is achieved, so that already now there is no more danger. Nevertheless, the collective fear will far surpass all previous fears as soon as the final crash sets in and brings the interest money cycle to a standstill. This is intentional, because only in this way the useless program Genesis will be erased in the collective unconscious, before the halfway civilized mankind extinguishes itself.

The higher the "social position" in the still existing civilizational Middle Ages, the greater the religious delusion. It is therefore completely wrong to assume that any "elites" could still make a difference. Religious (subjects) are steered for the most part or also completely by the subconscious, while a resurrected one with higher consciousness can steer the collective unconscious and steer with it all subjects into a certain direction!

With free-economical greeting

Stefan Wehmeier, 18.12.2021 

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