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Nietzsche was not the Antichrist

(NHC II,2,113) His disciples said to him, "The kingdom, on what day will it come?" Jesus said, "It will not come when one looks for it. It will not be said, 'Look here or look there,' but the Father's kingdom is spread out over the earth, and men do not see it." ***

(Friedrich Nietzsche, The Antichrist, 1888) "This eternal indictment of Christianity I will write on all walls where there are only walls, - I have letters to make even the blind see ... I call Christianity the One great curse, the One greatest inner corruption, the One great instinct of revenge, for which no means is poisonous, secret, subterranean, small enough, - I call it the One immortal eyesore of mankind..."

*** (Silvio Gesell, Preface to the 3rd Edition of the Natural Economic Order, 1918) "The economic order here spoken of can be called a natural one only in so far as it is adapted to the nature of man. It is not, therefore, an order which comes about, say, of its own accord, as a product of nature. There is no such order at all, for always the order we give ourselves is an act, and a conscious and willed act at that."

Jesus of Nazareth and Silvio Gesell independently came to the same conclusion: the monopoly-free market economy (paradise) without private capitalism (original sin), as a prerequisite for general prosperity and world peace, which the true Antichrist, Christianity, aptly characterized by Nietzsche, prevents until today. The Antichrist spread the original sin by force of arms over the whole world, until the atomic deterrence made the third world war as father of all further things - i.e. for the comprehensive destruction of real capital, in order to raise the capital interest (fruit of the tree of knowledge) and to bring thus the interest money again into circulation - impossible.

Thus the "immortal eyesore" became mortal, but without admitting its mortality, the eyesore was able to extend the end time of the civilizational middle age of the interest money economy over five decades by more and more excessive Keynesianism (state investment policy according to the motto "dig holes and shovel them up again"); because this motto can be sold badly, a climate religion arose for the "justification" of the ideal (i.e. extremely expensive and completely useless) Keynesian measure "energy turnaround"; and when the Keynesianism was exhausted, still another Corona religion arose for the "justification" of a lockdown acting as a deflation emergency brake, which interrupted the steepest stock market crash so far in March 2020, in order to let still the largest speculation bubble of all times develop, which bursts soon all the faster and then completely,... (Mark 13:19-20) ...for those days shall bring trouble such as never was since God created the world, neither shall there be any more. And if the Lord did not shorten this time, no man would be saved; but for the sake of his elect he has shortened this time.

It was a hell of a job to cancel Program GENESIS without extinguishing mankind.

With free economic greetings

Stefan Wehmeier, 16.01.2022 

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